Many enzyme products do not have enough different enzymes to insure a complete digestion of pet food. They will only have the major 4 enzymes. You need a high performance, broad-spectrum digestive enzyme formula utilizing at least 16 vegetarian enzymes. One red flag to watch out for in an enzyme product is if it does not include the proper minerals needed to complete the digestion process in it’s formula. In nature minerals are always present with enzymes- they complement each other. If you do not have the proper mineral balance in the enzyme product the enzymes will deplete the body of those necessary minerals when the enzymes do their work.

We are proud to announce our new and improved Total-Zymes®. Now with 16 digestive enzymes. Same great formula with 2 new enzymes.  Now 228gm and treats 365 cups of food.

Probiotics for dogs“You can buy and learn more about our enzymes at®.” -Paddy
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