Whether we like it or not, natural disasters can happen any time, anywhere. Summer can be a time for flooding, tornadoes, and wildfires.  It only takes a short time to create an emergency plan for yourself and your pets. Here are our top 5 pet-friendly tips to prepare for an emergency:

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  1. Have your pets properly identified- Go to your vet and get your pet micro-chipped.
  2. Know your area- If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, wildfires, or any other type of natural disaster where you may have to evacuate, find a place outside of the area where you can take your pets with you.
  3. Keep your pets with you when possible- for security and peace of mind. Often times your area may have different smells that may lure pets away, or dangerous debris that they can get into. When going on an outing, make sure your pet is within eyesight.
  4. Make a kit- Good items to keep in your pet’s kit include a few days worth of food, bottles of water, extra medication, pet supplements, copies of veterinary records, poop bags, cat litter and pan, sturdy leashes and collars, first aid kit (comes in handy for people too!) and a list of pet friendly hotels.
  5. Keep others in the know- Make sure to have updated stickers on your front door letting emergency personal know how many pets are in the home should they need to get in to rescue them.

Being prepared takes the stress out of having to think about it last minute. No one likes to think a natural disaster will happen in their area but having these strategies in place will help ensure that you and your pets are prepared and able to enjoy all the wonderful activities that summer offers us!

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