How Often?

How often you clean your pet’s ears will depend on age, breed, health, and a number of other factors. We recommend cleaning at least once per week or whenever you bathe your pet.

Always After Baths

It is important to clean your pets ears after each bath. This will help prevent bacteria buildup caused by wet or dirty ears.



How To Clean Your Pet’s Ears

After bathing, dry your pet’s ears thoroughly. Mix 8 drops of Oxy-pH Boost™ with about 1 oz of purified of water. Dip an appropriate sized cotton ball into the mixture and place in your pet’s ear canal opening. Gently massage your pet’s ear at the base to cleanse and remove any debris. You may clean your pet’s ear several times until the cotton ball comes out clean.

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Oxy-pH Boost™ is a great natural ear cleaning solution, but it can also be used to clean the eyes, paws, cleanse rashes, or be added to drinking water. To learn other ways to use this great product, read: How To Use Oxy-pH Boost™ For Pets.

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