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What is Pet-Enzymes Plus®?

Pet-Enzymes Plus® is a systemic enzyme supplement and super antioxidant formulated specifically for dogs and cats. It is designed to relieve pets of arthritis, joint aches and pains, muscle pain, and allergies.

What are Systemic Enzymes?

Systemic enzymes (particularly those that digest protein, known as “proteolytic enzymes”) have the amazing ability to target proteins in the blood stream, break them down, and convert them into useable amino acids. This process helps reduce inflammation and prevent allergic reactions to organic proteins in the body. Organic proteins may include: dust mite feces, pollen, dander, mold, and/or partially digested food that leaks through the gut wall (also known as “leaky gut syndrome”).

How do systemic enzymes help pets with allergies? Read the article: Natural Remedies For Pets With Allergies – Coming Soon!

Pet-Enzymes Plus® is for Pets with:

pet joint supplementinflammation pet joint supplementallergies
pet joint supplementstiff joints pet joint supplementsore muscles
pet joint supplementcartilage damage pet joint supplementarthritis

Systemic Enzymes vs. Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes may carry out different duties in the body depending on whether food is present in the stomach or not.

If taken on an empty stomach:

Proteolytic enzymes will work systemically breaking down proteins located throughout the blood stream. This includes protein based allergens.

(Systemic Enzyme)

If taken with food:

Proteolytic enzymes will digest the protein found in the food first. Any leftover proteolytic enzymes will be used systemically in the blood stream.

(Digestive Enzyme)

It is important to remember when supplementing your pet with Pet-Enzymes Plus® to wait at least one hour before or after feeding in order for the enzymes to work systemically.

Question: Can I use Total-Zymes® digestive enzymes as a systemic enzyme by giving it to my pet on an empty stomach?

Answer: Total-Zymes® is an excellent tool to digest any pet food, however it does not contain all of the ingredients necessary to benefit pets with severe allergies, joint pain, or muscle pain. Pet-Enzymes Plus® is formulated with a large amount of high performance proteolytic enzymes (or, protein-digesting enzymes) to maximize the anti-inflammatory and healing properties for your pet.

Pet-Enzymes Plus® Quick Facts:

  • pet enzymes plus Contains 14 pain fighting ingredients
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Safe and gentile
  • Made and bottled in the USA
  • No chemicals, gluten, dairy, eggs, corn
  • No preservatives, artificial ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in NSF Certified Facility
  • Meets GMP Requirements
  • Human Grade

Better than Glucosamine and Chondroitin

The formulators at NWC Naturals® Pet Products do not recommend supplementing your pet with Glucosamine and Chondroitin because they are both associated with such negative side effects as: stomach pain, nausea, glucosamineheadaches, rash, diarrhea, constipation, hair loss, swelling of the face and body, and irregular heartbeat to name a few.

With Pet-Enzymes Plus® you can rest assured your pet is receiving a safe, effective, all natural supplement!

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