Our mini Aussie, Paddy.

Our mini Aussie, Paddy.

There are many things to consider just do not jump into an emotional decision.

Impulse buying and uninformed decision making can cause many a headaches and heartaches that can be avoided. There are too many pets in shelters that have been abandoned because it just wasn’t the pet you thought you wanted.

Do your homework learn all about the pet you are looking for. You want to make sure the pet you pick goes with your life style and energy levels.

Paddy our little Aussie the one on our label of Total-Zymes is very energetic and way too smart for her own good.   You have to keep her busy and always thinking. She would not be a good pet for an elderly person. But she is a working dog for us and does pet shows and in our office greeting people and showing off.

So educated yourself on your next pet purchase or adoptee.

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