Now let’s take a closer look at Pancreatitis in pets and how you can treat your pet safely and effectively.

pancreatitis in petsPancreatitis is severe inflammation of the pancreas. It usually develops in pets who consume high-fat diets, most commonly because of being fed “people food” from the table. So how do you treat it? Web MD stated that “The most important step in treating pancreatitis is to rest the gland completely.” In severe cases, the pet will be hospitalized and fed only intravenously until the pancreas is strong enough to work on it’s own. The pet may also be prescribed antibiotics to rid the body of any bacterial infection. If the case is not as extreme, they may instead be prescribed a digestive enzyme like pancreatin. Again, we’ve talked about the dangers of giving pets an animal-based digestive enzyme before. Read more here. Most veterinarians will work with you if you choose to go all-natural. So talk to your vet about trying a plant-based enzyme.

Why are plant-based enzymes like Total-Zymes® beneficial for pets with Pancreatitis?

pancreatitis in petsIn short, they take the stress off the pancreas naturally and can help prevent future flare-ups. How? The primary benefit of enzymes is in shifting a portion of the digestive burden from the pancreas to using the Vegetarian enzymes in the stomach and intestinal tract. Continued supplementation over a period of days activates a feedback system to the pancreas, signaling it to decrease production of its enzymes. This allows the pancreas to conserve its cellular machinery for the production of insulin and glucagon, which are important in blood glucose maintenance.

Also, if your pet was prescribed antibiotics, you should also consider supplementing your pet’s diet with probiotics to rebuild the healthy flora in your pet’s gut. Next time, we’ll discuss why and how to incorporate probiotics into your pets diet when they are on antibiotics.

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