Probiotics and Canine Warts

We were delighted to receive a letter from a long time customer this week regarding how Total-Biotics® helped get rid of her weimaraner’s warts. Here’s a snippet of the note:

canine warts

“Right after we got Tavin he started to develop warts in 4 areas of his body (head, side, chin and in between his toes)…They all started popping up days after he had his full set of shots so I decided to double up on his Total-Biotics®.”

“In 2 weeks 2 of the areas were clear of the warts and after 3 weeks the other 2 areas are almost completely gone.”


We appreciate SO much when our faithful customers take the time to let us know how their pets are doing. We love knowing that we are making a difference in your pets lives!

Canine warts can be especially frustrating to pets and their owners. On our next post, get The Scoop on Canine Warts and learn how to treat canine warts naturally.

Probiotics for dogs“If you have any positive feedback you would like to share with us, comment below, e-mail us, or write a review on our website.” -Paddy


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