pancreatitis and epi in petsWe hear stories all the time about dogs and cats with Pancreatitis and EPI.  Pet owners everywhere are looking for an all-natural treatment, one that WORKS and has little or NO side effects. The problem? There is limited information as to how to naturally treat these illnesses. Many “experts” would simply prescribe an animal based enzyme, like pancreatin, to do the job. But in many cases with animal based enzymes, the side effects outweigh the benefits. So what should you do?

Let’s take a look at both of these Illnesses one by one, and talk about safe and effective treatments for each. First: We’ll take a closer look at EPI.

EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) is an illness where pets have the inability to digest food because their pancreas does not produce enzymes on it’s own. Without digestive enzymes, they cannot get any nutrition out of their food. To make up for the missing enzymes, some will tell you to go out and buy “pancreatin,” an animal-based digestive enzyme made from the slaughter house cadavers of mixed origins, some cows and some pigs. In theory, they sound like they’ll work just fine! You buy the product, put it on your pet’s food, and it’s SO strong and effective that it’ll digest all of their food for them! Is that how it really works though?

We’ve talked about the negative side effects of animal based enzymes here before. (Click here to read the post: Should I Choose Animal or Vegetarian Enzymes For My Pet?)

It’s important to note that many times when a pet has EPI, owners must put digestive enzymes on the food 5-10 minutes BEFORE the pet starts eating. This is so the food can pre-digest- before it even hits the stomach! But they may wonder: will vegetarian enzymes be strong enough to do the job? Yes, they will.

total zymes for dogs and catsAn enzyme, no matter where it comes from does the same job. It digests food. The vegetarian enzymes in Total-Zymes® can be put on the food in advance to allow it to incubate, or predigest the food- if need be. The 16 different digestive enzymes in this product are very potent and very powerful. Pancreatic or animal based enzymes are very aggressive and if they are sniffed into the nose they can irritate and possibly eat away (or digest!) the sinus cavities. You also have to watch out for gums and lip irritation and allergic reactions primarily to the pork aspect of the enzymes. All of these dangers go away when you use a vegetarian enzyme supplement! They have NO side effects and are VERY safe.

Next time, we’ll talk about Pancreatitis and how you can treat your pet safely and effectively.

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