If you are just joining us for this series: How To Find The Right Pet, please read Part 1 and Part 2. Both of these articles contain questions that will help you decide how to find the right pet for you.

dog-with-cameraAfter now making the decision to adopted find a local shelter that may have that certain pet for you.

There are also groups for certain rescue pets they may be in your local area. Check with your local vets too they may know of pets that they have treated by them before and someone has to give up their family pet because of some hardship.

Shelters have lovable dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes and ages. Your chances of finding a wonderful companion who matches your lifestyle and family are excellent! Many shelters have also one-of-a-kind mixed breeds, you could pick your own unique pet that no one else has.

Did you know there is an app for adopting pets? Visit Petfinder.com it’s free. It has more than 290,000 adoptable animals. Also over 13,000 shelters and rescue groups.

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