traveling with petsTraveling with your pet this season? Here are a few helpful hints from to make traveling easier on you and your pet:

First, check with your pet’s veterinarian to see if your pet is healthy enough for a vacation, and ready for a trip in the car.

Microchip your pets before leaving home, and attach an ID tag with your cell phone number to their collar.

probiotics for petsIdentify emergency animal clinics close to locations you plan to visit during your trip. This is an especially important precaution if your pet is enjoying his golden years.

Pack a spill-proof water bowl, your pet’s regular food, any medications, and Total-Biotics® and Oxy-Ph Boost™ to protect their immune system against the stress of traveling.

Bring your pet’s favorite toys for playing fetch or tug-o-war.

tips for traveling with petsIt’s also a good idea to bring along something you can use to safely secure your pet for brief periods, such as a crate or an exercise pen.

Look ahead and try to map out local dog parks to take your dog to while on the road.

Make sure the hotel, bed-and-breakfast or campsite where you plan to stay allows pets.

Probiotics for dogs“Stay tuned next week for more information on traveling with your pets.” -Paddy

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