probiotics for petsHave you ever found yourself asking this question? Some dogs will eat anything including grass, dirt, their own stools, and other dogs’ stools. But why do they do this?

Research shows that malnutrition plays a big part. Pets will instinctively eat until their body gets the nourishment it is craving. So if they are not properly nourished by the food they are eating, they will instinctively look to other means of getting nutrients. But what if you are already feeding your dog the best-of-the-best dog food? Likewise, what if you are feeding your pet an all raw organic diet of meat and vegetables, yet they are still eating odd things?

The problem could lie, not in the food, but in their intestines. The intestines biggest role in the body is to absorb vitamins and nutrients into the blood stream. If the intestines are unhealthy however, being loaded with toxins and caked over with feces, they may not be able to absorb nutrients properly, leaving your pet malnourished. So what can you do to improve the health of your pet’s intestines, thereby helping them to get the nourishment they need?

Pet Probiotics

Give your pet 1 scoop per 1 cup of food. (1/2 scoop per 1/2 cup food, and so on.) Do this EVERY time they eat.

Probiotics will infiltrate the intestines and remove any bad bacteria, toxins, and build up of feces.

Pet Digestive Enzymes

probiotics and enzymes for petsGive your pet 1 scoop per 1 cup of food. (1/2 scoop per 1/2 cup food, and so on.) Again, do this EVERY time they eat, along with the probiotics.

Enzymes will work to break down the food, and make it easier for your pet to ABSORB everything he eats.

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